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  Master Suite
  Top Floor Master Suite
  Bedroom 3
  Bedroom 4
  Common Area

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We have designed our home to incorporate energy efficiency where it's practical

Water usage
· Landscaping with Florida native beach plants salt tolerant and not requiring any irrigation
· Hot water is heated by tankless water heaters providing instant hot water eliminating the need for hot water stored and maintained at high temperate for days waiting for use

· Low energy bulbs are in use throughout the house. The kitchen has LED lighting producing low energy output and minimal heat generation
· Kitchen has induction cooker which cooks quicker and generates no heat and uses less electricity
· Outdoor Light switches are timer based switching themselves off after a designated time

· Top of the range Energy efficient insulation has been installed in the roof and the walls
· Top rated energy high impact windows double insulated with gas installed in the middle
· Pool has powerful solar heating system computer controlled to minimize need and use of energy guzzling heat pump
Located in the City of Anna Maria at: 205 Spruce Ave | Anna Maria, Florida 34216 | Email: